We offer excellent learning opportunities through the Department of Family Medicine as a part of the Medical Education Curriculum.


The UIC-based clerkship Academic Series is designed to supplement your site-based clinical experiences.  The Series has two components: sessions conducted by family medicine faculty for all students participating in a given block, and sessions called “Selectives”.  Selectives are mini-courses that focus on subjects particularly pertinent to family medicine that typically are not addressed in other clerkships. We include Selectives as part of the Academic Series in order to afford students an opportunity to choose some sessions that match their personal interests and needs, and to work in small groups with other students having similar interests.  Following is information concerning the Selective opportunities that are available this block, together with instructions for indicating your personal preferences.  Every effort will be made to accommodate your first preferences; however, in some instances, time and space considerations may necessitate assigning you to your second preference.

We look forward to working with you and wish you a wonderful family medicine experience!

Please notify Claire of your individual choices.  See which Selectives are offered next block below (on this page).



Selective Topics
Solving Common Problems in the Ambulatory Setting Hypertension Management
Clinical Quandaries Conferences Women’s Health
Interviewing Adolescents: Challenges and Opportunities Communicating with Adolescents The Scope of Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Diabetes Management Immunizations
Counseling and Managing Adults with HIV Acupuncture
Practical Nutrition for Primary Care Over the Counter Medications
Health Policy/Advocacy Caring for Trauma Survivors
Engage People with Developmental Disability through Patient Education: Field Experience
Introduction to Narrative Medicine: Why Doctors Should Read Fiction
Backpain Introduction Breastfeeding
Introduction to Self-Management: Encouraging Patients to Manage Their Health Introduction to Bariatrics: Eat, Drink and Be Merry for Tomorrow We Shall Diet!
Introduction to Outpatient Orthopedics GI: Top to Bottom
Complementary and Alternative Medicine