The UIC Department of Family Medicine is pleased to offer a wide range of opportunities for students to get to know us better and learn about Family Medicine.  As the future of healthcare in the US is upon us, we, as a nation, are emphasizing patient-centered medicine and primary care.  This approach, embodied in the movement toward developing patient centered medical homes, is essential to achieving health equity and equality and, ultimately, ensuring healthy and strong communities.

As you advance through your medical training and have many opportunities to explore the wide range of options available to you, we invite you to spend some time with us to learn about how Family Medicine truly makes a difference in the lives of our patients, our communities, and our nation.

You are welcome to visit with us and learn about this highly rewarding and impactful specialty where we, as Family Physicians…

  • Care for all ages and persons across the life spectrum,
  • Care for all medical issues, health and illness, in all settings,
  • Experience the intellectual indulgence of the diagnostic dilemmas encountered in first-line care, and
  • Relish the joys, sorrows, and gratification of life-long friendships

You, as students, can find us as…

  • Mentors
  • FMIG Advisors
  • Patient Centered Medicine Program Leaders
  • Lecturers and small group leaders
  • Preceptors
  • Consultants

Feel free, as well, to take advantage of the many offerings throughout the year by the Family Medicine Interest Group such as the Primary Care Panel, Orientation to Health Fairs, and various other discussions.

In addition, we offer a Summer Externship available to medical students between their M1 and M2 years.