Message from the Director of Medical Student Education

Sagina Hanjrah, MD


Welcome to the improved UIC Department of Family Medicine, Medical Student Education website. We are very pleased to offer a better looking and much more "user friendly" website.

I am truly honored to be able to teach medical students here at the University of Illinois, at Chicago, College of Medicine.  We have some of the brightest and most compassionate students in the country.  When you combine that with one of the most diverse ethnic and cultural student bodies, we have a very unique and exciting place to learn and practice medicine.

The Department of Family Medicine is involved in many aspects of medical student education.  All students participate in a 6 week clerkship rotation in family medicine.  One of the unique aspects of the rotation is that we have “selectives” instead of lectures for our students.  Since family medicine is such a broad topic and individual student’s particular interests are quite differing, we have developed over 20 selectives which are smaller, interactive sessions (2-12 students) that students choose and cover such wide ranging topics as nutrition, patient self-management, promoting cancer wellness, orthopedics, and interviewing adolescents.  We are fortunate to have over 25 outstanding clinical sites who all volunteer their precious time to teach our medical students. 

Many faculty in our Department of Family Medicine are involved in the Patient-centered Medical Scholars Program.  Many of our faculty also serve as coordinators and teachers of the Essentials in Clinical Medicine course taught to first and second year students.  We have a number of very popular fourth year student rotations in our department.

Because of our involvement in so many aspects of medical student education, we have been awarded the Departmental Award for Excellence in Medical Student Education from the College of Medicine.

Thank you for reading about our department’s involvement in medical student education.  Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or if you are a community physician who would like to teach UIC medical students!

Sagina Hanjrah, M.D.
Director of Medical Student Education