Research Seminar Series


 GI and Hepatology Research Seminar


8.15 AM to 9 AM Wednesdays


Location: COMRB 7175 
(College of Medicine Research Building)

909 S Wolcott Street Chicago, IL


The GI and Hepatology Research Seminar is an ongoing weekly Research Conference that brings internationally recognized investigators to UIC to meet physicians and scientists. The environment is extremely collegial and supportive of both PhDs and MDs pursuing careers in gastroenterology research. 


The purpose of the GI Research Conference is to expose UIC faculty and trainees interested in the study of digestive diseases to the latest and most current research in the field. The conference covers both clinical and basic research with emphasis on gastroenterology research. While the clinical research is of immediate and practical benefit to physicians, the basic research seminars examine the molecular underpinnings of gastrointestinal diseases and frequently provide insights into new therapeutic approaches development of new treatments. Exposure to the research conference often spawns collaborations both with physician-scientists as well as clinicians. Basic research coverage also educates the clinician as to pending evolutions in patient care management. Thus, the attendee will develop an excellent understanding of cutting edge gastroenterology in both its clinical and basic science aspects.

Target Medical Disciplines

Gastroenterologists, Hepatologists, Surgeons, Radiologists, Pathologists and Internists 


Upon completion of the activity, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss how new scientific advances can be incorporated into gastroenterology research
  • Describe innovative research paradigms used in GI research and how to apply them to one's own research
  • Identify new areas for investigation and collaboration

     Please contact Amanda Deja if you have any questions about this seminar.