A Perinatal Center must be capable of providing the highest level of care for high risk women and neonates in the Network and must have an administrative dedicated staff charged with the responsibility of implementing the Department of Public Health’s Regionalized Perinatal Program.

The University of Illinois Clinical and Administrative Perinatal Centers are located within the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System, which brings together academia, clinical research and advanced clinical services in one location. All of the major health care professions including medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, allied health and public health are located in one place. The University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System and ambulatory clinics are equipped with the latest technology and are staffed with well educated personnel. As a result of this rich mix of expertise and advanced technology, the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System is able to provide sophisticated sub-specialty care 24/7 and is an ideal site for the referral of high risk pregnancies and high risk neonates.

The University of Illinois at Chicago has been an active participant in the development, implementation and ongoing administration of the Regionalized Perinatal Program in Illinois. From the inception of perinatal regionalization, the University of Illinois has a continuous record of active involvement in improving the outcomes for women and children by providing progressive care and improving care within its Network of Hospitals through the provision of exemplary professional education, program implementation and quality monitoring.