Tutor (Grad Hourly) Positions in GEMS

Call for TA/tutor positions in GEMS     

 In response to the GEMSSA’s request, we have examined the process whereby TA/tutors are selected for GEMS courses. In contrast to LAS departments such as Biology, GEMS does not offer formal TA positions. However, there are a limited number of opportunities to assist with courses (as needed by the Course Instructors) such as providing review sessions, tutoring, or limited teaching of lectures. GEMS students wishing to be considered for such opportunities, should provide the following:

 1.  A brief statement indicating your interest in TA/tutoring opportunities. Please indicate the courses in which you are interested in participating. Also, please provide the grades that you received in those courses.

 2.  Copy of your transcripts.

 3.  Acknowledgement from your mentor that they agree to your participation in this opportunity.

 Please email these materials as a single PDF file to Mia Johnson (mimi@uic.edu).

 Interested individuals will be screened by the course directors and GEMS directors and selected as needed.

 Thank you.

 John O’Bryan

Brad Merrill

GEMS, Co-Directors