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Mailing Address

Medical Scientist Training Program (MC 784)

C/O College of Medicine Dean's Office

1853 West Polk Street

Chicago, IL 60612

Office Location

308 Clinical Sciences North, 840 South Wood Street

How to find us

Enter the Clinical Sciences Building, 840 S Wood Street, turn right around the pharmacy and continue to the end of corridor. Turn left into cross corridor and enter the elevator that is across from the Dept of Pathology office. Take elevator to the third floor and turn left into Suite 300, the GEMS - MSTP - Neuroscience - Bridge To The Doctorate Suite.

Program Administration

Larry Tobacman, MD

Program Director

Larry Tobacman arrived at UIC in 2003 and is a Professor of Medicine and of Physiology & Biophysics. His education and training were at Brandeis University, CWRU, and the NIH. In 2007 he assumed the  role of Senior Associate Dean for Research in the College of Medicine.

Nancy Freitag, PhD


Associate Director

Nancy Freitag is a Professor in the Department of Microbiology & Immunology.  She earned her BS in Biology from the University of California-Irvine and her PhD in Biological Chemistry from UCLA.

Mark Rosenblatt, MD, PhD, MBA

Associate Director

Mark Rosenblatt is the Head of the Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Science joining the department in 2014.  He received his BS in Biology from the University of Miami Honors Program and his MD-PhD from the University of Miami School of Medicine.  Mark received his MBA at New York University.

Julie Mann, MA

Director-Program Administration

Julie Mann has worked at UIC for 7 years.  She has her BA in Art History from Tulane University, and her MA from National Louis University in Teaching.  She is currently enrolled in the PhD program at UIC in Curriculum Studies.  

Samantha Bynum, MA


Program Coordinator

Samantha Bynum joined UIC College of Medicine and the Program in August 2015. She holds a BA in Business Administration from Robert Morris University and a MA in Management Information Systems from Benedictine University.

Roberta Bernstein, MA

Retired Assistant Director 

Mrs. Bernstein joined the Program in November 2002 after a 13-year career at the University of Chicago. She holds a BA in French from the University of Chicago and an MA in French from Roosevelt University.

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