Mindfulness for Medical Students Course         Mindfulness symbol

Stressed out?  Feel like life is chaos?  No time for lectures?  Finding more "bad" than "good" as a student? 
In this course you will learn to find ways to relieve such anxiety and stress through mindfulness strategies, including meditation.

The Mindfulness for Medical Students course is designed for medical and health professions students.  It is noncredit and attendance at each of the six sessions is strongly recommended, although not required. 

Instructor: Mark Gelula, PhD

Why Should I Participate?

  • Learn to reduce stress and anxiety

  • Gain insight into how you create stress

  • Recognize when your body is giving you messages about stress

  • Improve your awareness of negative thoughts and actions

  • Establish a positive aspect about yourself, your work and your peers

Session Themes Include: attention and breathing, strategies for overcoming obstacles, mindful awareness of emotions, recognizing stress and anxiety in your body, developing an observing mind, and mindfully communicating with yourself and with others.

Sessions are offered in the Fall and Spring Semesters normally in the evenings, please email Dr. Gelula directly for more information and to ask when the session starts.

M1/M2 Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Drop-In Class

M3/M4 Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Elective Course Description

To register now please E-mail Dr. Mark Gelula at mgelula@gmail.com.